Justin Philip Brooks is a worship music leader and songwriter based in Dallas, Texas where he serves at the dynamic modern Anglican community of Uptown at Church of the Incarnation. Born and raised in Beaumont, near the coast of Southeast Texas, Justin's musical family influenced him deeply from an early age. At age 12, his love for playing air-drums in his room to Beach Boys, Chicago, James Taylor and Jackson 5 records allowed him to have enough aptitude to sub in for the missing drummer at the local fire department band concert. This fortuitous event led to a fascination with different instruments, eventually becoming accomplished on guitar, piano, accordian, mountain dulcimer, and drums. 

Justin eventually relocated to his second home of Dallas where he studied and received a Bachelor degree in music business from Dallas Baptist University. During his time there, he led worship music at a campus-wide bible study while beginning a ministry that allowed him to travel the country and abroad, leading music and performing in various venues and events, such as summer youth camps, national student conferences, and Metro Bible Study – Houston, a gathering of adults. He also has performed in various venues throughout Europe and the Baltic States. 

Serving as a recording artist and lead guitarist for The Epic Press (formerly Rhythm) on the EMG/Warner label, Justin traveled the United States and shared the stage with national acts such as Switchfoot, Newsboys and Chris August. 

As a composer and songwriter, songs to which he has contributed have been recorded by other artists and one released nationally.

In addition to other recordings, Justin and the Uptown Worship Band (band that leads with him at Church Of The Incarnation) released an EP in 2008 entitled “Thirst”. This collaboration of original worship songs have a central message that all of the love, kindness, and gifts that God gives us, should in turn make us have a deep desire to long for Him, and that He would quench the “dry and weary land” of our hearts. Releasing in October of 2012, Justin and the Uptown Worship Band will release "Hymns And Psalms", a collection of modern settings of hymns, Psalms, and ancient prayers. 

Jesus asked that God's kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven. This means we should have the worldview that life is one continuous liturgy. Viewing each opportunity, grand or mundane, as a creative worship experience and organicaly connecting to the Church throughout history is a passion of Justin’s. He hopes is that we would come before God, be honest and real about where we are, and worship Him from that place.

Justin is passionate fan of good strong coffee, loud dinner conversations, collecting and listening to vinyl records, and exploring the city on his vintage-style motor scooter. He lives in Dallas with his wife Tiffany and their daughter, Taylor and son, Grayson.